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Catch up on auto service and don't get caught in the cold!

Stay warm with help from our auto service center!

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Temperatures are averaging lower and lower these days in North Carolina. Once winter officially gets here, the temperatures will plummet and it will be time to bundle up. Cold weather calls for thick jackets, warm boots and hot drinks. You can take care of yourself when freezing weather rears its head, but there is something that needs your help in winter weather – your car. Unfortunately, our vehicles are often forgotten about in the winter but during this time of year it’s very important that you keep your car caught up with auto service. Our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte can help you get your car prepped for frozen precipitation and extremely low temperatures. 

Help your car survive winter with auto service!

You may not realize the toll that cold weather takes on your vehicle, but your car can handle it as long as it well taken care of at our auto service center in Charlotte. What kind of help does it need? When you bring your vehicle to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center, our auto service experts will inspect the:

  • Oil – Keep the oil thin and fresh with routine oil changes during the winter months. This will ensure your car keeps running smoothly.
  • Car battery – Don’t get stranded in the snow because the cold took all the remaining power out of your car battery. Have your battery voltage checked and get a Charlotte car battery replacement if necessary.
  • Tires –You want to make sure your car tires are properly inflated because cold air causes the pressure to drop and your tires to deflate. Our affordable auto service technicians will measure the tread depth on your tires to ensure you have enough to keep you safe out on the wet and slippery roads.
  • Heating system –Stay warm the next couple of months with a heating and cooling system that works properly!
  • Windshield wipers –Drive with maximum visibility while its snows thanks to brand new windshield wipers.

Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center can get you through the season!

Have you ever been stuck outside of your car in the snow because of frozen door locks or handles? What about being unable to use your windshield wipers because they were frozen to the windshield glass? You can prevent all of these and more with helpful winter car hacks from our Charlotte auto service center.

  • De-ice door locks and door handles with a pump or two of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The alcohol melts the ice and will get you in your car in not time.
  • Keep your wiper blades from freezing to the windshield using a pair of socks. Raise the blades to the upright position and place a sock over each. This will keep snow and ice from plastering them to the glass.
  • Stop snow from covering your side-view mirrors with plastic bags. Cover the mirrors with plastic bags and keep them in place with clothespins or rubber bands.

Take on wintery weather with help from out auto service center in Charlotte. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (888) 378-1214!

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