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If you're not sure how to park a car, we can help!

Learn how to park a car like a pro!

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Are you a new driver and still figuring out the ways of the road? If you’re still getting the hang of driving, you may not be completely comfortable with parking. If you don’t know how to park a car, Toyota of N Charlotte can help! No need to be nervous when finding a place to leave your car, you can find out how to park a car like a pro!

Find the best spot for your N Charlotte Toyota

Before you leave your car unattended, find the safest spot for your N Charlotte Toyota. While searching for a parking space, look for a spot in a well-lit area if you will be leaving it unattended at night. It’s also best to not leave your car near any items that may cause damage to vehicle, like shopping carts. Before you park your car just anywhere, make sure there is enough room for your vehicle and for you to open up your doors safely.

Learn how to park a car safely!

Mastering how to park a car is easy; it only requires a few steps!

For a straight parking space or angled parking space:

  • Use your turn signal to indicate you are turning into a parking spot. Check for pedestrians, slow your speed and begin to turn your wheel. 
  • Drive your N Charlotte Toyota into the parking space, using caution as to not collide with cars on either side of you. 
  • Turn the wheel back to straighten out your car until it is parallel with the vehicles beside you, and then shift your vehicle into park.

Our new Toyota dealership can teach you how to park a car in a parallel parking spot easily! To learn how to park a car in a parallel parking spot, the approach is a little different. 

  • Once you’ve found a space you feel comfortable parking in, use your turn indicator to alert other drivers you are parking. Be sure the vehicles behind you leave you enough room to reverse.
  • To begin, align your N Charlotte Toyota with the vehicle in front of your desired spot. Shift your vehicle into reverse and turn your steering wheel all the way to the right. 
  • Reverse slowly until a majority of your car is in the spot and then cut the steering back to the left. Back up as far as you can without colliding with the vehicle behind you. 
  • Move forward while straightening out your car until your car is parallel with the curb. Shift your car into park and voila!

Parking is easier with help from Toyota technology. Most of our new Toyota cars near Charlotte come standard with an integrated backup camera. These helpful convenience features allow you to see what’s behind you with ease. Utilize this technology to back into parking spaces or parallel park easily. 

For tips on how to park a car, visit our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road. We’re located just off of I-77 at exit 23!

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