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How to pack for your next road trip

We're on your side helping you pack for your next road trip this holiday season.

Travel expert, Tamela Rich, stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to demonstrate the best way to get it done.

 Here are her tips on how to pack for holiday travel:

Cramped cars make for cranky kids. When you pack light and pack right, you’ll have much less whining and much more fun on your holiday road trips. Here's how to PACK LIGHT: 

  • Choose a wardrobe that only requires one pair of shoes
  • If you must bring boots, wear them as them as you travel instead of packing them in the suitcase; you’ll have more room in the suitcase
  • Leave the hair dryer and other appliances at home
  • Pack interchangeable wardrobe pieces: every top should match every bottom
  • Don’t travel with more diapers than you’ll use on the trip. Ship ahead or buy when you arrive
  • Ship bulky items like winter sports gear ahead to your destination 
  • Give everyone the same size suitcase. Whatever doesn’t fit stays at home
  • Ditch the hard-shelled luggage in favor of duffle bags or even trash bags to maximize space
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