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Past, present lawmakers weigh in on intra-part feud

Chris Millis Chris Millis

Past and present members of the North Carolina House of Representatives are speaking out in the wake of a public war of words between State Representative Justin Burr (R-Stanly) and Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland).

On Tuesday, Burr announced his re-election campaign with a press release that included harsh criticism of Moore. In the release, Burr said the House had been less productive and poorly managed under Moore’s leadership. He also criticized the Speaker for what he called Moore’s ‘top-down’ leadership. Burr compared Moore to former Speaker Jim Black, who was later convicted of accepting bribes, and Black’s co-speaker, Richard Morgan.

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On Thursday, Morgan took to Facebook to voice his displeasure with Burr’s comments.

“Justin, your disparaging words are duly noted. Ride on Speaker Moore!!” Morgan wrote.

Morgan’s defense of the Speaker comes a day after Moore responded to Burr’s criticism with sharp words of his own.

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Moore’s handling of the criticism has drawn new fire from members inside the House Republican caucus.

Representative Chris Millis (R-Pender) wrote an email addressed to Moore and sent to the entire Republican caucus late Wednesday night. According to a copy of the email obtained by On Your Side Investigates, Millis sent the email to Moore in hopes it would not be made publicly available.

“Mr. Speaker, instead of airing this letter publicly, I hope you find my attempt to respectfully handle the matter within the caucus successful.  I find it regrettable what is occurring in our ranks,” Millis wrote. “I find it even more regrettable that instead of respectfully handling, ignoring, or refuting Burr's claims that you chose to fire back an paint him as “disgruntled,” “ineffective” and “irrelevant,” adding that “the folks in his district deserve better...”

Millis wrote that he was shocked by Moore’s reaction to Burr’s comments.

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“But rather than address the issues that were raised, or completely ignore the matter, you validated the member's allegations...this is truly unfortunate to do so publicly,” Millis wrote.

It was not clear as of Thursday afternoon if Speaker Moore responded to Millis’ email.

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