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Southpark Mall custodian brings opera to work

(Kristen Hampton | WBTV) (Kristen Hampton | WBTV)

You can hear the beautiful melody from clear across the food court at Southpark Mall. Robert Thompson may look unassuming in his uniform work shirt and pants, but what’s in his heart is something he doesn’t mind sharing with the world.

“I don’t know the language or the words. He gives it to me and I sing it,” Robert says, referring to the words that sound somewhat like an Italian opera. He says they’re not any specific lyrics or language. Robert says he just sings what God puts in his heart.

Robert is well known around the mall with other employees and regular customers. “I don’t know why he hasn’t been on ‘The Voice’ yet,” one woman said.

Robert is a part of the housekeeping crew and charged with the task of keeping the mall tidy. While he’s wiping tables and taking out trash, you won’t often find him without a song.

“It makes people happy and that makes me happy,” Robert says.

He’s been an employee of Southpark Mall for 23 years. But Robert has been singing for most of his life.

He’s never had formal training but you wouldn’t know that by listening to him sing.

He says some days he might not feel like singing but he’ll get a request from a person who might just need a little pick-me-up. Robert makes of lyrics on the spot and makes days brighter.

It’s clear to see that’s his gift and it’s one he shares freely.

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