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BLOG: 2015 US Tornado Update

(Source: NOAA) (Source: NOAA)
(Source: NOAA) (Source: NOAA)
(Source: NOAA) (Source: NOAA)

Overall the southeastern United States has enjoyed a fairly quiet tornado year. In fact as a whole, the U.S. is trending below normal for tornado events. 

The only exception is Tornado Alley where Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas experienced higher-than-normal tornadic activity. See the attached map. 

Keep in mind, these are verified and confirmed tornadoes, and it takes a long time to complete that process, that’s why the map is only valid through the end of August. 

Illinois and Colorado are the only other two states that saw above normal activity in the continental U.S. 

North Carolina had eight tornadoes through the end of August which is 23 fewer than average. South Carolina had six tornadoes which is 18 fewer than average.

Hawaii actually had a tornado this year, and that was above their average of zero!

The graph on the other hand shows reported tornadoes all the way through November 29th. The average number by this point in the year is 1,344. We currently stand at 1,166 and that number will probably go down after the verification process. 

Sometimes tornadoes are counted twice, or determined to be another type of thunderstorm wind such as a microburst.

The other map attached shows the Average Annual number of tornadoes per state from January 1st through December 31st.

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