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Charlotte man's Panthers' fan club goes national


A Charlotte man’s dream to build Panthers pride at home games and at NFL stadiums around the country is growing. An undefeated 11-0 season has also helped.

Roaring Riot founder Zack Luttrell says he launched a membership drive for the first time this season before the Panthers unprecedented winning streak. 

He hoped for 1,000 memberships. Now he has 1500 people willing to pay $25 to become a member of the Roaring Riot. In return, fans get a t-shirt, membership card, and tailgate location among other perks.

“I tell everyone I talk to, take every opportunity to enjoy the Panthers, travel to the games, to make as many panthers friends as you can,” said Luttrell. “This will never happen again, more than likely. Enjoy it while it’s happening. It’s definitely special.”

Luttrell partnered with fan clubs in six other cities to build the fan base for away games. The goal, he says, is for the fans to travel together, celebrate together and watch the game together. 

Roaring Riot fans have numbers in the hundreds at some games, home and away.

When he made the decision to expand Roaring Riot with memberships, Luttrell never knew he would have a history-making season to compliment the venture. He believes there’s another factor behind the support. Luttrell says people like him who grew up with the Panthers as a new team are now having kids, and it’s the only team they’ve ever known.

“It’s really our generation and our friends that have been here with the team from its infancy,” he said. 

For years, they’ve watched fans from other teams try to take over the stadium with their own team pride. 

“We really feel like it’s our part to do that," he said, "Change the culture.”

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