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Rainy start to Monday, searching for motive in random rest area shooting

Good morning!  Kristen Miranda here - in for Christine this morning. 

The long holiday weekend is over and it is back to work for many of you.

It was very rainy overnight and into this morning.  Meteorologist Al Conklin will let you know what the rest of your Monday is looking like.

We're looking into a possible motive for a random shooting at a rest area in Cabarrus County.  A man from Gastonia left for dead in front of his children.  Mark Davenport is following that story today. 

President Obama is in France for meetings on climate change and security there is high.  Brody O'Connell is in the Alert Center this morning following the latest details.

Moms to be - did you know there are apps that can take you through every step of your pregnancy?  That story is all new at 6:45am.

It is Cyber Monday.  Will you shop today?  We'll take you to what will likely be one of the busiest places in our region today - a nearby Amazon shipment center.

And your Carolina Panthers remain the ONLY undefeated team in the NFL.  The New England Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos last night - that game went into overtime.  We'll show you what you might have missed.

I hope you'll start your day with us.  John Carter and Al Conklin will get things started at 4:30am and the rest of us will join them at 5am.  See you then!


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