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#TeamNOSugar: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain!


Getting through the holidays without putting on any weight sounds like mission impossible. Those (roughly) six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can do a real number on your waistline if you’re not careful.

Full disclosure – I’ve done #TeamNoSugar through the holidays. It CAN be done – but it’s not very fun. In fact, most would call it torture. 

So, how do I survive the holidays without putting on those dreaded pounds, which experts say on average is anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs? 

A modified #TeamNOSugar plan, that’s how! 

Here are my top guidelines: 

1. TWO Cheat Days a Week 

That’s IT. So if your company holiday party is Saturday night but the office potluck is that Wednesday – than those are your two days. Period. 

Any other parties, happy hours, cookie making with the kids – you gotta skip the junk food/sweets. 


You tend to eat MORE (larger portion sizes) when dehydrated. Drink plenty of water each day and have one glass before each meal. 
Sometimes we’re not really hungry, just thirsty. When it doubt, always down a glass of H2O – especially when you feel the urge to snack between meals. 

3. Try to Eat a Healthy Meal before Holiday Parties 

Fill up on nutritional foods before you go so you’re not famished or left in the host’s hands. 
People don’t always provide healthy options.

4. Going out for Drinks? Have Water or Iced Tea for the first round. 

By the time you’re ready for round 2, you will have saved yourself hundreds of calories. 

Plus, you may be having such a good time you don’t need a drink! 

But if you’re going to drink, have a glass of water between each round and stick to wine or light beer. 

5. Keep a Daily Food Log

I’m a HUGE fan of this one. Logging or writing down what you eat definitely makes you more accountable! 

Don’t just chuck it and say I’ll worry about it in January. That’s one thing that can lead to those unwanted pounds. 

6. Make Exercise a PRIORITY. 

Not getting out of it! PERIOD. Especially on those cheat days. If you’re gonna eat, you gotta burn it or else it gets stored as fat. 

Especially on big meal days like Thanksgiving. Squeeze in a quick work out in the morning – even if it’s just a brisk walk.  

You can also go for a walk after dinner. Too cold? Find workouts you can do inside. There are tons on Pinterest, IG and YouTube. 

Bottom line – you gotta keep moving! 

There you have it – my top tips. It’s alright to indulge but you gotta know when to cut yourself off! You can do this, folks – just stay focused! 

Want more information about #TeamNOSugar? CLICK HERE

**Editor’s Note: Please consult your physician before staring any new health and wellness plan.**

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