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BLOG: Who's going to protect us?

"What good are the police if they can't protect us anymore?" a reader recently asked me.

This comment, needless to say, got me thinking.  Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier's statements on 60 Minutes the other night drove the point home quite emphatically. Being confronted with today's threats, if you intend on being protected, you're going to have to do it yourself. 

So what is the role of the police?  Community law enforcement is there to respond to your calls for police service. Now, think about the dynamic of that.  After something has happened, then you call the police and they will respond.  Unless you are hiring an off-duty police officer to stand guard on your business, residence, etc., they are not going to be able to immediately stop the crime from happening. 

I can tell you, from spending years on patrol, that a very small percentage of crime is happened upon by a police officer on patrol. The majority of work a patrol officer does is responding to calls for assistance received from the public.  That means, a crime is already happening. 

How you choose to protect yourself is completely up to you.  This is not an article on crime prevention.  This is an article on what your expectations should be if you are attacked. Will you defend yourself?  How will you defend yourself?  Are you trained and capable of defending yourself? 

These are all very personal questions that require you to look inside yourself and ask the tough questions. As you know, no one in America is completely immune from crime.  Even the most elite zip codes in America are susceptible to violent crime. 

If you are confronted by an attacker, whether in your home, your business, or elsewhere, it has to be your responsibility to protect yourself.  Yes, the police will head your way once they're notified of the incident, but what about that three to seven minutes that it takes them to get there?  How much suffering are you willing to experience as the victim of the crime within those very long minutes while you await the arrival of the police? 

The idea is to not become a victim in the first place. The only person that can prevent that is you. 

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Karl de la Guerra, PPS, CLSS

Karl de la Guerra is WBTV’s security analyst. He has spent the past 39 years in the protective services industry, with experience in military law enforcement, civilian law enforcement and international corporate security management. For more information, visit
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