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BLOG: On the road with WBTV Sports-- Dallas Tuesday

TOUCHDOWN!  We have landed in Dallas and it's a sunny 61 degree day here in Big D.

A quick weather look ahead if you are coming to the game.  The Cowboys play indoors of course but if you are going to do some tailgating before the game, bring rain gear.  There is an 80% chance of the wet stuff.

On the flight here to Dallas, Ashley Stroehlein and I came across a hand full of Panthers fan.  YES, on a Tuesday-- 2 days before kickoff.

What does that say?  Panther fever is running wild in the Carolinas and not only is the team having their best regular season ever, the chance to play on Thanksgiving is very special.  So special that fans are willing to skip dinner with family to come cheer on their favorite team.

The key thing I can say is enjoy the ride folks.

Life in the NFL is so unpredictable.  At this point last season, this team was 3-7-1.  Back in 2010, they went 2-14.  In 2001, their worst season ever at 1-15 with 15 straight losses.

But here we are in 2015 at 10-0.  Panther fans, your team is one of 17 teams to EVER start a season 10-0.  I didn't say 17 franchise.  I said 17 teams.  Do you know how many teams there have been in the history of the NFL?  I don't either, but it is A LOT.  

This is something rare folks and something specials.  Thursday is just another game in a very special season.

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