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Brazen and sobering

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom. 

The news from across the pond is a bit sobering.  Belgium remains on its highest stage of alert and expects a terrorist attack anytime.  France found a suicide bomber’s discarded vest.  Was it worn by the Paris attackers?  Did he or she have a change of mind, or was it defective?  Plus, the US government just issued a worldwide travel alert for Americans through next February. 

Locally, brazen armed robbers held up 8 customers inside the GAP store at the Arboretum, stealing wallets, watches and credit cards.  One victim tells us she thought they were going to kill her.

Remember the Texas teenager who built and brought a home-made clock to school that looked a lot like a bomb in a briefcase?  His family wants not only an apology from the school and the city, but they are now threatening a $15 Million lawsuit claiming physical and mental anguish.

I’m feeling good about the Panthers—the rout of Washington, the unblemished record, but I can’t shake the notion that a loss during the final six games of the regular season might do them good in the playoffs.  Just a hunch.   

Sadly, a star of the old Charlotte O’s baseball team has passed away.  Willie Royster always had a big smile and swung a big bat as the team’s catcher during the 80’s.  He was 61.

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