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CMS student arrested after school brawl files complaint against SRO


The 15-year-old arrested after being seen in a fight on cell phone video at Harding University High School is speaking out.  
Davione Robinson told WBTV he is innocent and should not have been charged with assaulting a school resource officer. Robinson has been in the Juvenile Detention Center since Thursday. He got out Monday, and said he knew the students who were fighting and wanted to break it up. 

The teenager says that's when things went wrong.

"Out of nowhere," Robinson said, "I felt a pull on my hair and then I got struck two times. When we went to the floor I got struck two times while I was on the floor, and got in handcuffs. And they took me and put me in the police car."

Robinson claims it was School Resource Officer J. Flowers who pulled his hair. He was charged with resisting a police officer and being in possession of a weapon. In the video you can see what appears to be brass knuckles. Robinson says they didn't belong to him. 

"The brass knuckles were on the floor," Robinson said, "And he dragged them with his foot toward me."

Robinson's mother, Nerissa Robinson, is concerned about what happened to her son.

"I don't appreciate what he did to my son," the mother said.

School Resource Officer J. Flowers is being investigated by CMPD Internal Affairs to determine if he did anything wrong when encountering the student. The early investigation shows Robinson tackled the police officer and the officer used force to control the situation. The mother disagrees with that account.

"Whatever circumstances may be," the mother said, "You hit a child after he was on the ground with his hands down?"

The President of the Mecklenburg County NAACP, Corine Mack, is concerned about the incident. She believes there is enough evidence to remove the officer from Harding University High School.

"When you have young people," Mack said, "Who are in school and someone who is a good Samaritan who tries to break up a fight and finds themself not only assaulted but in detention, that's a problem for me."

County Commissioner and former school board member Vilma Leake told WBTV students should not step into a fight - let the adults handle it. She believes the investigation should be complete first before making judgment. 

Other people question the officer's authority.

"That officer has a responsibility to keep things calm," Mack said, "And have good communicative skills to find out what the facts are before he took action."

The family has filed a complaint against the officer. While they wait to see what happens, the student has learned a lesson. 

"I would have just avoided it," the teenager said. "Just let them fight - that would have been the best thing."

Robinson said he has been suspended for 10 days.

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