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BLOG: Past Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade weather

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I just love Thanksgiving! It’s not even the turkey. I like that everyone is thankful… for at least a day.

You get to see friends and family. You have the whole Christmas season ahead of you. There’s pie. There’s also the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Who doesn’t love that?

I found the website “The New York City Weather Archive: A Glance Back Day By Day” with parade weather history for NYC from 1970-2014. I put some of the more interesting ones below.

I also tracked down Charlotte Thanksgiving weather history since 2000.

While I couldn’t find parade specific weather info (someone would have actually had to keep such records). Here’s what I found. I much prefer Charlotte Thanksgiving weather. It’s warmer and at least for the past 15 years, has been drier!

Plus, there has been no reported snow on Thanksgiving Day since 2000. Check it out:

NYC Parade Weather History

1971 (11/25)

Beginning late last night and continuing through this morning, a nor'easter lashed the area.  1.06" of rain fell, making this the rainiest Thanksgiving since 1935.  Besides the wind and rain, it was also cold, with a high/low of 39/33.  Ferocious winds gusted to 63 MPH in Central Park and these high winds produced wind chills that were in the low 20s.  These high winds also forced parade officials to ground the parade's famed balloons - the only time this has happened.  

1972 (11/23)

With a high/low of 35/21, this was the coldest Thanksgiving Day since 1941.  It was also the coldest day in November.  One bright spot was that skies were clear.

1973 (11/22)

A year after the coldest Thanksgiving Day in many years, this year's was the mildest in 40 years as the high/low was 64/53, fourteen degrees above average.  Skies were mostly sunny.

1989 (11/23)

This was the snowiest Thanksgiving on record as 4.4" fell during the morning (but was mostly over by the start of the Macy's parade).  The previous record was in 1938 when 3.9" fell.  This very early snowfall (4.7" when including what fell the previous night) would be greater than any in the the upcoming winter.

1990 (11/29)

One year after the snowiest Thanksgiving on record, today's high of 69 degrees was was the warmest since 1933.  (Warmest Thanksgiving on record was in 1920 when it hit 72 - four years before the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.)

1996 (11/28)

Today's winter-like high of 31/low of 23 was 16 degrees below average, with a dusting of snow.  The morning low was the coldest recorded on Thanksgiving since 1972's 21 degrees.

1997 (11/27)

High winds resulted in serious injury of a spectator watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade when the Cat in the Hat balloon was blown into a street lamp at 72nd St.  A piece of the lamp struck a young woman, putting her in a coma for more than three weeks.

2005 (11/24)

A strong cold front blew through during the afternoon and the temperature plummetted from 49 degrees to 24 by midnight.  There were light showers before and after the Macy's parade.

2006 (11/23)

An all-day rain totaling 1.72" made this the wettest Thanksgiving on record, easily topping 1985 and 1939's previous record.

2014 (11/27)

It was a raw and gray day with temperatures in the 30s (high/low of 38/34).  Snow flurries fell during the Macy's parade.

Charlotte Thanksgiving Day weather history:

Year  Lo\Hi Rain

2000  30\52  0.0”

2001  30\60  0.0”

2002  26\42  0.0”

2003  41\60  0.0”

2004  30\78  0.08”

2005  46\66  0.0”

2006  43\64  0.0”

2007  47\71  .10”

2008  25\61  0.0”

2009  40\59  0.04

2010  51\64  0.01

2011  32\66  0.0”

2012  35\65  0.0”

2013  20\46  0.0”

2014  35\52  0.0”

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