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High terror alert

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom. 

The terror alert is at its highest level in Brussels, Belgium tonight.  Authorities have announced a credible and imminent threat, but what that threat is, they’re not revealing.  This comes after Islamic gunmen raided a luxury hotel in the former French-African colony of Mali.  We now know at least one American was killed among the 21 people taken hostage.

Here’s something we uncovered and find interesting—I-77 Mobility Partners today tweeted when the construction is finished, drivers with at least 2 passengers will be able to use the toll lanes for free.  If this was the policy all along, it’s the first we’re hearing of it.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a GOP presidential candidate, had a rough day getting out of San Francisco.  His flight was forced to return to the airport after a passenger kept taking pictures of flight attendants.  That passenger was eventually booted, but the flight was delayed by 5 hours.

Last night, Molly Grantham had the story of Charlotte Hornets player Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who was born 10 weeks prematurely.  Weighing in at less than 5 pounds, MKG is now 6’7” and a strapping 230 pounds.  But he hasn’t forgotten his roots and has now taken a deep and sincere interest in helping other premature babies.  Tonight, Molly will show you his affection for one young girl who’s stolen his heart as he treated her and her family to great seats at tonight’s Hornets game—something she’d never done before.

Please join Molly Grantham, Eric Thomas, Delano Little and me for WBTV News right now!

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