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From fights to roaches: Parent concerned about environment at West Mecklenburg HS


A West Mecklenburg High School parent is concerned about the environment at his daughter's schools. She is a sophomore and the father is troubled by the cleanliness of the school.

"Having roaches," parent Derrick Funderburk said. "That's not conducive to a good learning environment. So when a child has to sit and see - what's this running across my foot - that takes away time when they should be concentrating."

Funderburk tells WBTV his daughter has witnessed roaches in her classroom. The father also wonders why attending a sports event at the school's gymnasium to see his daughter, rodents were spotted.

"I wouldn't call it a rat," the father said. "Let's just call it a mouse. It doesn't matter. It's a rodent and it's moving."

That's not all the parents concerns, he says once this year West Mecklenburg High School ran out of lunch for students. Funderburk's daughter called and told him about the food shortage. He came to the school with food for his child and was denied access by administrators.

"To make matters worse," Funderburk said. "You try to bring them something - I can't bring outside food because that's a distraction to the other students, so I get to let my child starve because you didn't adequately prepare to feed all the students?"

There was a fight that took place at West Mecklenburg High recently. We showed him cell phone video of the fight WBTV obtained.

"I've truly become numb to all the fights and things," Funderburk said. "I simply say baby girl continue to stay away from it. We got one year, let's finish this year and we don't have to worry about this no more."

The reason for no worries is Charlotte Mecklenburg School district (CMS) decided to move the language magnet from West Mecklenburg High School to North Mecklenburg High School. Funderburk's daughter is in the World Language Magnet.

She will be transferred to North Mecklenburg HS next year.

"My daughter gets to leave," he said. "Hallelujah."

Not all parents have an issue with West Mecklenburg High School.

"No issues," parent Tavarez Adkins said. "I'm pleased because my son actually wanted to go to this school."

The Mecklenburg County Health Department has inspected West Mecklenburg High School. The last inspection was in February and the school got a 75 out of a 100. The inspector did notice rodents and roaches at the school.

CMS tells WBTV if parents have concerns, they should talk to the principal to get a resolution. CMS also states when the district gets unfavorable inspections from the health department it becomes an urgent need. There is usually a 48-hour response time.

Funderburk tells WBTV he did address the principal about his concerns but claims the principal responded that he would take the matters up with his administrators.  He says he wanted more. 

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