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How "dark apps" hinder law enforcement


There are certain apps, if you know where to find them, that can help keep your cyber conversations private.

WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton says so-called "dark apps" are meant to be used by "good guys" but often fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

There are indications terror groups, like ISIS, are using these apps to communicate and plan attacks away from the eyes of law enforcement, even if they have search warrants. 

Payton says the apps offer encryption that can only be broken by the user or receiver of the message.  That means law enforcement is unable to crack the code.  Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are warning that they have their hands tied and they are missing big puzzle pieces to prevent terrorist attacks.

Payton said the apps it is believed ISIS is using include:




Payton offers this additional information:

Other encrypted apps:

Secure Text Messaging Apps

ChatSecure - texting

Signal - texting and phone calls

Threema - texting

Ostel - phone calls

Encryption in Emails


Proton mail


Orbot: The capabilities of Tor (the Onion Router developed by the Naval Observatory to protect privacy) to Android. 

Encrypted Video and Voice of Internet


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