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BLOG: My Fav Fall recipes!


One thing you learn on #TeamNOSugar – how to eat the same things over and over. Some say that’s a no-go but for creatures of habit like yours truly – it’s exactly what I need. 

In fact, I don’t mind eating the same meal for dinner night after night. 

I am the leftover queen! 

The one caveat? It’s needs to be yummy! 

That’s definitely the case with two of my favorite fall recipes. Especially when it’s chilly out and you’re just not feeling a salad. Much as I love a good salad – you just need something a bit more hearty for those crisp fall nights! 

Enter my favorite soup – and chili. 

I don’t typically share recipes as I think it’s important for folks to discover #TeamNoSugar yumminess on their own. Google, anyone? That and following my fav foodies on Instagram and Pinterest! Easy, peasy ways to get new ideas for food. 

However, I’m sharing this time. Besides, I didn’t create them and one of my fav mottos is “each one, teach one.”

Ok – first up:

Ground Turkey, Kale and Butternut Squash Soup. 

Delicious, hearty and chocked full of foods that are good for you.
A win-win, for sure! 


Oh, and I subbed the rice for quinoa. Better for you and packed with protein! 


Chicken, Quinoa and Black Bean Chili 

The BEST thing about this crockpot recipe – you can put this in the crockpot uncooked and forget it until it’s done! 

All I did was shred the chicken with two forks, stir and voila! You’re ready to dig in!! 

SO easy – and great time saver!  


This called for sweet potatoes, but inside a challenge I recommend butternut squash. 

However, sweet potatoes won’t derail you in this particular recipe because they’re not covered in sugar! 

By the way – these both lasted my husband and I five days – perfect for the work week! 

Enjoy. And let me know what you think!  

*Editor’s Note: Please consult your physician before trying any new health and wellness plan*

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