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Rocky River HS parents claim delay in finding out about crime on campus

Rocky River High School (Pam Escobar | WBTV) Rocky River High School (Pam Escobar | WBTV)

More than 24 hours after police say an armed robbery happened at Rocky River High School, parents are voicing concern over what they call a delay in getting information.

Mint Hill Police report a student was robbed inside the hallway at dismissal on Monday. Three Rocky River High School students allegedly used a BB pistol to force a student to hand over his wallet. Police tell WBTV it was way less than $50 in the victim's wallet.

Police say the incident happened in the hallway inside the school.

Charlotte - Mecklenburg School district (CMS) sent a connect-ed message alerting parents about the crime 24 hours after the incident.

"They felt like that was too long." CMS School Board member Paul Bailey said.

A parent emailed Bailey about the concern. They argue there was ample time between the time the alleged crime happened and when CMS notified them.

"Fully understand the concerns that they are conveying," Bailey said.

Bailey tells WBTV CMS responded to parents as soon as the district had factual information.

"It's important to disseminate correct information to parents," the school board member said. "And not to put something out there that something happened and we are not going to tell you what that is."

Bailey is now asking CMS to review its procedures when communicating with parents.

"If there is any areas for improvement," Bailey said. "That we look at those, ensure that we are doing the right thing for students, faculty and communication with the parents."

Parents believe CMS should be quicker when communicating with parents.

"I would like to be informed," Rocky River High School Parent Tiffany Smith said. "As soon as it happens, so if I need to pull my son out of school I can."

Bailey tells WBTV once he gets more information from CMS he will respond to the parent about her concerns about communication between school district and parents.

The suspects have been charged with Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, and possession of a weapon on school property. The victim was not hurt.


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