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The best days to shop for holiday deals


It's hard to find a person who isn't looking for a deal around the holidays.  There are so many presents to buy that it's easier to get more when you're paying less overall.

You will come across plenty of deals over the coming weeks leading up to the holiday, but how do you know you're getting the very best price on the presents you buy?

Kyle James runs the website  He says people who count on Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the best prices might be missing out.

"Knowing the right day to shop you can maximize your savings and in some cases shopping on the right day can save you 30-40% right off the top," James told us.

James says he's come up with a formula for finding holiday deals.

"We look at all of the coupons and deals we get for retailers, and we'll come up with a day that is the average of when we tend to get the most coupons for those retailers," he said.

For example, the best day to buy toys this year is December 16th according to James.  He says you'll still have to hunt all season for the hard-to-get toys but for everything else, that mid-December date may be your best bet.

James suggests buying stocking stuffers on the 15th, clothes on the 18th, and fitness gear on December 10th.

For the full list of dates James has compiled so you can plan your holiday shopping, click here

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