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BLOG: Early season hoops showdown!


Pretty early in the season to get a top five basketball showdown, but there was one played in Chicago Tuesday.

Number two ranked Kentucky took on number five ranked Duke as part of the State Farm Classic tournament. 

It was easy to see why both were ranked in the top five, but this one went to Kentucky 74-63 who seemed to be much more athletic than the Blue Devils.

One of our photographers who just happens to be a Duke fan was not happy with the play of his team down the stretch while he was watching it on T.V. 

And I have another friend who is a major Kentucky fan and I know she’ll be pumped about the Wildcats win. She’s still clinging to that Christian Laettner thing by the way!

We have three more months until March Madness and the fire inside some fans is already burning out of control.

You gotta love sports right!


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