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BLOG: THANK YOU to all of our Veterans!


THANK YOU to all of our veterans on this special day.

I was trying to figure out a way to tie in my sports blog to this great occasion, because after all this is a sports blog. 

But tonight I’m putting aside the golf balls, tennis balls, and all the other kind of sports related balls to simply say THANK YOU!

In the fairness of full disclosure, I do have a dog in this fight so to speak — okay there goes the sports metaphor!

My father is 20 years Army retired, my oldest brother is 20 years Air Force retired as well as his lovely wife. My middle brother was also in the Army for several years.

My father and brothers have served their country proudly here at home and on foreign soil. 

For their dedication to the United States of America and to all of our Veterans everywhere — Happy Veterans Day! THANK YOU!!


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