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92-year-old female WW2 veteran goes skydiving


The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the fundraising event that saw 36 people jump out of an airplane in Chester, SC.

The group, Veteran Transportation Services provides transportation for blind veterans. Wednesday the group hosted a fundraiser to raise awareness and money for their program.

The skydiving daredevils were a mix of veterans with and without sight.

Ninety-two-year-old Barbara Alderson is not blind but she is a veteran of World War II. She spent her time working as a nurse in the Navy, stationed in New York.

Her friends describe her as a spitfire who speaks her mind, so it was no surprise when asked if she was nervous about skydiving, she replied with a dry smile, "No. Why would I be?"

The reason she wasn't afraid to take the 14,000 ft. drop is because Wednesday marked the third time she's done it. "I went skydiving for my 90th birthday," Alderson said.

When asked why she did it, "Because I wanted to."

The event was held at Skydive Carolina, a skydiving facility in Chester Co. SC.

Alderson was asked by the VTS group to skydive for the event to help raise money for the cause. She eagerly agreed to do it.

Her jump was tandem, with an instructor. Chuck was with her the first time she jumped and she requested him again this time.

After she sailed for several minutes through the sky and landed safely on the ground, we asked her what her favorite part was, "I like being with Chuck, I'm no fool I'm an old lady."

Chuck is several dozen years her junior. 

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