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#TeamNOSugar: A little perspective goes a long way!


Sometimes - it's all about perspective. This round of #teamNoSugar has been particularly challenging for me. #Day12 & I feel like I'm finally getting my mojo back after taking a (well-deserved!) break after getting married in September. I no longer feel like death during my workouts, the scale is moving in the right direction again and my metabolism kicking into overdrive.

That perspective hit me like a ton of bricks when an old photo of me popped up in my #Timehop app this morning. I realized some things. 

No, I'm not where I want to be. 

Yes, I have ground to make up after doing some serious indulging post-honeymoon. 

But- and this is real talk - I'm NOWHERE CLOSE to where I started. 

I share this tough time with y'all to show you it happens to everyone - including me. Even I'm not exempt from that negative voice in the back of your mind. You know the one. It creeps in late at night when you're having troubling falling asleep. Or rears its ugly head when a perfect stranger decides to send you a nasty email about your appearance. Even after all this time, I'm amazed at the sheer nerve and meanness of some folks. 

But, here's the thing: I REFUSE to back to down. I REFUSE to eat my feelings. I REFUSE to do anymore backsliding. 

I WILL persevere. I WILL make every workout count. And, I WILL resist the junk food/sugar/carbs; even as I hear the sound of Molly re-filling her candy dish with her beloved Pretzel M&Ms! 

It CAN be done, folks. 

But you gotta do this for YOU. 

It is FOR you. This ain't about anybody else. (I'm looking at you, email troll!) 

You have to LIVE FOR YOU. Honor YOU. And never lose sight of that. 

I won't make that mistake again. And, even when I finally reach that my goal weight, what a glorious day that will be! I STILL won't be finished. 

Why? This is a LIFESTYLE. When it comes to the battle of the bulge - there is no finish line. 

To quote Lil Wayne (hey, don't knock Weezy's wisdom): "every finish line is the beginning of a new race." 

So - I'm putting my haters - but more importantly myself - on notice: I will NOT quit. I will NOT lose sight of myself. I may stumble, I may slip, but I WILL keep going. 

I've come too far and made too much progress to turn back now.

The struggle is real - but so is my steely resolve. Onward!

**Editor’s Note: Please consult your doctor before starting any new health and wellness plan.**

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