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Two Lincoln Co. inmates recaptured after escaping transport van


Two inmates from Lincoln County have been recaptured after they temporarily escaped a prison transport van near Raleigh Friday morning.

Twenty-four-year-old Damarcus Dixon and Logan Long were being transported near Western Boulevard in Raleigh, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

They were able to escape through the back door while the vehicle was at a traffic light, Lincoln County deputies say. They were recaptured less than an hour later near North Carolina State University.

There were seven prisoners being transported at the time, two women and five men. Investigators say no one else tried to get away. 

Officers have not been able to determine how the men were able to get the door open. They say bother men were shackled and handcuffed. Investigators say they won’t know for sure how they were able to get out of the van until they can get the van back and investigate it.

Dixon, 19, was convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon in September and was scheduled to be released July 12, 2016.

The inmates had a scheduled court appearance in Lincoln County and were being transported back to Raleigh when they escaped.

A safety notice was sent out to the North Carolina State University campus community, university officials said.

Wake County Schools tweeted out that a nearby elementary school and high school were on “Code Yellow” lockdown due to police activity in the surrounding area.

The search lasted less than an hour.

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