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Student: Sharing nude photos is an 'everyday thing'


Students at Hough High School tell WBTV that sharing nude photos is a common occurrence. This week, WBTV learned that more than a dozen students were reportedly blackmailed in a recent nude photo scandal.

Warrants show that someone used an Instagram account to target current and former students at Hough High School in Cornelius. It is not clear how many girls actually handed over nude photos.

Justice Rushing attends Hough High. He told WBTV he was not surprised by what happened.

“Pictures are getting sent every day, so it is an everyday thing,” Rushing said. “It is just what goes on in high school these days.”

Rushing’s classmate, Blake Bailey, said his parents have talked to him about not engaging in this type of behavior.

“They just told me to be careful, and I can get in a lot of trouble,” Bailey said. “I don’t know why these girls do it. It’s personal and they shouldn’t be trying to send it around to other people and stuff like that.”

WBTV is still working to find out if this case is connected to a similar investigation that took place earlier this year.

In February, another investigation began after police say dozens of naked photos of Charlotte-area teen girls began circulating around a high school via a public website.

According to a police report from earlier this year, officers say a Dropbox file contained 75 pictures of naked female students from Hough.

Students told WBTV some of the people in the photos are freshman girls. Detectives said the youngest victim was just 14-years-old.

The pictures were all voluntarily and made off school grounds, according to police. The files began appearing online in mid-December and police began investigating on January 4.

Unfortunately, police said, the link was accessed by various people on the Hough High School campus.

Detectives said the Dropbox link has been taken down. They also said they have identified the student who created it.

According to CMS Police Wednesday, that investigation from February is nearing completion and will be sent to the DA's office to determine charges.


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