Blackmail over nude photos

Students at Hough High School blackmailed

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom. 

Someone is trying to blackmail girls at Hough High school over nude photos.  Police are now trying to identify an Instagram account that sent extortion demands for money not to publish those pictures to 15 current and one former student.  Our reporter Coleen Harry is investigating the case.

We’ve now learned a Charlotte mother who was shot by burglars fought back and may have saved her and her baby’s life.  That mom is in ICU tonight and her husband says she’s in a lot of pain.  She’s a former member of the military.

Watch my exclusive Crime Stoppers video tonight of a crash-and-grab break-in.  A hooded man rams his van into a clothing store, stealing thousands in expensive garments, then doing the same at a shoe store nearby.

Did a bomb bring down the Russian jetliner?  After a satellite detected two flashes from the plane, it’s beginning to look very much like it.  Experts say hold on, it’s still too early to make a final determination.

And, it’s a tradition and quite a sight—Biltmore Estate raised its huge Christmas tree with more than 500 ornaments. 

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