Crime Stoppers: Seasoned burglar

Crime Stoppers: CMPD looking for thief with new wardrobe

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - One man, one stolen van and two crash-and-grab robberies on Ikea Boulevard. Police say this was the work of a seasoned professional. One they want to nab.

This began on a Sunday morning. From inside the DTLR, a clothing store, surveillance shows a vehicle ramming into the front of the building. It crashes through and, moments later, the driver scrambles out and pushes his way through the damaged wall.

His head and face are carefully covered. Police say he is a black male with a gray hoody, wearing faded jeans and red Jordan sneakers.

He knew exactly what he wanted and went straight to the expensive clothing racks, bundling up certain items. This crook was in the store for exactly 50 seconds before racing back to his van with arms full.

When he left, he didn't go far.

At the Shoe Carnival store in the same shopping center, he crashes his van through the wall and steals several pairs of men's Timberland boots.

Police later found the damaged van, ditched not far from the crime scenes.

It turns out the van had been stolen from Enterprise Rentals.  It had been missing since last June but the company never filed it as a stolen vehicle.

If you know anything about these two crash-and-grabs, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Crime doesn't pay, Crime Stoppers does.

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