NC mayoral candidate arrested at polls, threatened elections board chair

NC mayoral candidate arrested at polls, threatened elections board chair

One of the candidates for mayor in Kings Mountain was arrested at the polls and accused of interfering with people who wanted to vote.

Seventy-seven-year-old Eugene Thomas Holmes also lost Tuesday's election.

Multiple media outlets reported that Holmes was arrested around 8 a.m. Tuesday at a voting site.

Police Capt. Jerry Tessneer said Holmes faces charges of obstruction of justice, communicating threats and resisting arrest.

The Cleveland County Board of Elections said in a statement that Holmes threatened elections board chairman Wayne King.

"Voter intimidation is a very serious crime," states Chairman King. "Voters have the right to enter a polling site without being intimidated by any person. Once that person is asked to leave by one of the officials they have the authority to have that person removed."

Holmes was on the ballot as a Mayoral Candidate. While elections officials say he did correctly admit that he was a convicted felon, however, he did not completed the required campaign finance paperwork.

"When a candidate violates the campaign finance statutes all materials are surrendered to the State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Division," stated Dayna Causby, Cleveland County Director of Elections. "Any campaign finance violations will be handled by their investigators."

The statement said Holmes was campaigning outside of the 50-foot buffer zone at the polling location but was shouting obscene statements. It was not clear if he has an attorney.

Holmes is being held on a bond of $20,000 in regards to the election law violations at the polling site.

Former Mayor Scott Neisler defeated incumbent Rick Murphrey in Tuesday's election.

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