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Ranking companies on how well they protect your privacy


It turns out some companies protect your privacy better than others, but no company is a true standout.

That is one result of a new study called Ranking Digital Rights which looked at the privacy policies and user agreements of many big tech companies and graded them based on how well they protect you.

WBTV Cyber Expert, and CEO of Fortalice Solutions, Theresa Payton says the world’s top tech companies mostly rate a "D" or worse in protecting your privacy and freedom of expression.

The highest grade went to Google with a 65%.  Theresa's observations and feedback follow:

The good news is that the tech companies are improving.

The disclosures are getting better.

Many tech companies provide metrics around law enforcement and government requests for information

How did some of your household name tech companies do?

AT&T scored a 50

Facebook a 41

Google (search, mail, youtube) had the highest score at 65

Microsoft (search, mail, skype) scored a 56

Twitter had high marks but with the acquisition of Vine that took their overall score down to a 50

Yahoo (mail, flickr, tumblr) scored a 58

What can you do?

1.  read the policies

2.  take advantage of all privacy settings

3.  write to your favorite tech providers asking them to continue to review and approve their policies

Survey methodology:

1.  2 years in the making

2.  Reviewed end user service agreements, privacy policies, terms of service and corporate reports

3.  They then applied 31 questions based on the data they collected

4.  They provided the findings to each company for input

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