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7-year-old loses wallet, finds valuable lesson


Most men will tell you - losing a wallet is like losing a part of yourself. Seven-year-old Cooper Haynes of Gastonia will tell you the same thing.

“It just triggered my mind that my wallet was lost and the bus had already left, so what could I do?" Cooper said.

About a month ago, Cooper went on a field trip to the zoo in Asheboro with his twin brother Jackson. He took his prized wallet with him. But it didn’t come home.

"I thought my wallet was in my book bag and then I checked and then it wasn't," Cooper said. He left it on the bus used to transport the kids to and from the zoo.

The wallet was a special one. It contained his school ID card and four dollars. It was also the same wallet he’d carried since pre-school.

“He said I actually left it on the bus and he started crying and he was worried not only about his money but he had a little ID card in it," Cooper’s mom Kassie said.

Eventually, everyone settled on the idea the wallet wasn’t coming back, until a package came in the mail on Halloween night.

"It surprised me because I thought it was just going to be a package or something but no it was my wallet,” Cooper said.

Inside the package was Cooper’s wallet with his ID card and the four dollars still inside.

A note was also included:

“Cooper, my friend Amaya found this on our marching band trip so we mailed it back to you. Maggie.”

The note included a PS- “If you want to check us out have your parents look up on YouTube, Nation Ford High School band 2015 or Bachxed in.”

The two girls discovered the wallet after riding in the same bus Cooper did.

Cooper wrote a note to the girls thanking them for returning his wallet. His mother wrote a note to the girl’s parents thanking them for raising such honest daughters.

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