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Blog: You think it gets dark early here?


This whole “fall back thing” got me thinking about how much I already miss summer. It also made me think about what time it gets dark in other places in this country. Check out these sunset times for November 1st… and then for December 22 - the Winter Solstice and shortest day of the year.



                                  Nov 1                Dec 22

Charlotte                    5:29                  5:15

Miami, FL                   5:40                  5:35

Dallas, TX                  5:36                  5:25

Savannah, GA            5:35                  5:24

Bismarck, ND             5:28                  4:58

Cleveland, OH            5:22                  5:00

New Orleans, LA         5:13                  5:05

Washington, DC         5:08                  4:50

Los Angeles, CA          5:01                  4:49

Denver, CO                4:58                  4:39

New York, NY             4:52                  4:32

Seattle, WA                4:52                  4:21

Chicago, IL                4:45                  4:23

Bangor, ME                4:24                  3:57         

Several different things are in play here. The biggest factor in what time the sun sets in any given place is the latitude.

The farther north you go, the earlier it gets dark. That’s why Miami, FL is at the top of the list and Bangor, ME is at the bottom. (How would you like for Christmas Eve to begin around 4:00 p.m.?)  

It also has to do with your position in your time zone. That’s why New York City has a sunset time of 4:52 and Cleveland, OH has a sunset time of 5:22. They are roughly the same latitude but Cleveland is farther west in the time zone so they get to hang on to the sunlight longer. The trade-off is that the sun also comes up later in the morning.

The sun came up in New York City at 6:26. It came up in Cleveland at 6:58.

So if you’re thinking about making a move and the sun is important to you, check this list to see where you might want to go… and where you might not. This list might also make you feel just a tad better about our sunset times.

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