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Skeletons becoming a community icon in Baxter


When Steve Miller and Tracy Adams first set up the plastic skeletons in 2013, they had no idea the attention they’d receive.

"We both like to play and be creative and we just kind of build on the ideas and just keep going," said Tracy.

The couple are both graphic designers and put their creativity to use almost every night during the month of October.

From riding a paddle board surrounded by sharks, to a very well done witch from The Wizard of Oz, the couple truly put amazing works of art out on their front porch every night.

Now, the community can’t stop watching.

One visitor who stopped by with her children said choosing a favorite would be impossible, “We really like the Flintstones. There’s so many of them, we love them all really.”

Now that the skeletons are maturing, they’re the hit of the Baxter Village neighborhood, even hosting tea and lemonade parties.

Recently, Steve and Tracy led a gathering featuring the skeletons to raise money for the Humane Society of York County. They brought in $600.

The couple has no plans to stop any time soon. There’s a payoff they get from the hard work it takes to rearrange the scenes every night.

“In the morning I’m in there fixing my coffee and little kids are out there giggling on the front porch. I turn the spotlight on when I come down and they’re stopping by on their way to school,” Tracy said.

For more information on the Baxter Skeletons, check out their website at

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