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Charlotte schools, Spring Valley parent respond to violent video of officer, student


Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district is being asked about the video taken at a classroom at Spring Valley HS in Columbia, SC. It shows an officer slamming a student to the ground and then removing her.

CMS teachers say they feel confident in their procedures to remove a disruptive student from the classroom.

"We do have processes in place for teachers," CMS Superintendent Ann Clark said. "And or students to report situations to the school resource officer and to the principal."

The president of Charlotte - Mecklenburg Association of Educators, Erlene Lyde, tells WBTV when a student needs to be removed, teachers contact the administration first. Once the administration is called they decide what needs to be done next.

Calling School Resource Officers (SRO) is the last resort.

"We work cooperatively with our law enforcement agency." Clark said.

The head of CMS SRO's, Sgt. Celeste Ratliff, tells WBTV she cannot remember a SRO being used to remove a CMS student from a class while she has been in charge for the past two years.

While CMS is comfortable with the protocol there is unrest at Spring Valley High School.

"I am not certain as a parent," Spring Valley HS Parent Tanya Hodges said. "That that was the only decision that could have been made. I understand that something harsh needed to be done, but I hold the administrator and the teacher at fault as well."

Hodges tells WBTV her son attends Spring Valley HS. She believes the alleged offense didn't deserve the student being slammed to the ground.

"At no point in time," the parent said. "Was there foul language used, voices raised. It was communication or lack thereof between teacher and student. To escalate a situation to that end, you have to ask yourself what on earth must have been happening in that classroom."

The parent says students tell her the disturbance resulted from the student not wanted to hand over her cell phone. The mother thinks the situation should have been handled better and teachers need guidance.

"It needs to be clear and decisive," Hodges said. "As to what constitutes the removal of a student, and then if you have a situation where a student is being defiant and will not remove themselves, then maybe removing the other students from the classroom and bring in a psychologist, that every school has on staff, and find out why."

While the investigation continues in Columbia, WBTV did ask for the number of times a student has been asked to leave or been removed from a classroom, the district didn't have that number.

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