Excessive force question

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom. 

By now, you may have seen video of a school resource officer roughly dragging a teenage girl out of her classroom.  It appears to be excessive use of force in many minds.  There’s a federal investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department attempting to answer that question. 

Tonight, what is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system’s policy on excessive force?  We don’t really know because they don’t have one.

We talked with the CMS police chief about what he expects from his officers.

Have you seen the video of the first at the Disable American Veteran center in Concord?  It’s a doozie—especially when a flaming truck rolls away without a driver. 

Which make of automobile do thieves steal more than any other?  Tonight reporter Coleen Harry looks why there’s been a huge spike in car thefts in Charlotte.

An international jewel thief is behind bars tonight.  Doris Payne, who is 85-years old, was caught allegedly stealing ear rings in Atlanta.  Charlotte police believe Doris stole a $33,000 ring from a SouthPark store this summer.  She was wanted in France, Switzerland and the U-K

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