WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Finding a New, Great Leader for CMS

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Finding a New Great Leader for CMS

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Let the search begin immediately to find Charlotte's next top educator!
The community deserves it.
Several people recently approached the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board demanding change.
And we agree.
It's been almost a year since former CMS superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison abruptly resigned amid allegations that he bullied and harassed staff, and lied to board members.
It's past time for those board members to announce how they plan to find the person responsible for educating more than 145 thousand students.
Ann Clark is now in charge.
But her term ends in nine months.
She signed a contract stating she is not interested in the permanent job.
Since that is the case, we need to move on toward finding a capable, knowledgeable and fearless superintendent.
We know that person is out there.
School Board – we don't care if you do a regional, statewide or national search...just decide, tell the community, and get the job done.
We applaud people for speaking out telling the board to find a winning leader.
At that same meeting there was also a cry to keep Ann Clark on the job. They believe she offers stability.
These days CMS needs more than stability – it needs a shot in the arm.
Teachers are leaving, kids are failing and not reaching their highest potential.
We need a superintendent who can do right by every student.
So once again, let the process begin.

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