WBTV Secrets: Brigida Mack the cheerleader

WBTV Secrets: Brigida Mack the cheerleader

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ready for a Brigida Mack Station Secret? She was a cheerleader!

Does this surprise anyone? As our "#‎TeamNoSugar" cheerleader, I wasn't surprised by this one.

She started cheering in the 3rd grade for the South Park Youth Association. She was a JV and Varsity Cheerleader at Hawthorne Junior High (Go Wolfpack!) and a proud Meyers Park Mustang.

Cheering filled a need... Her teachers needed her to keep the talking to a minimum. She always got good grades. Her report cards were great but the teacher comments said "Brigida is a joy to teach - but she talks too much". Cheerleading was perfect! It gave her a way to channel her energy in a better way. Plus it let her show off her moves. She still remembers the cheers (really, she proved it when she whipped out a cheer from elementary school).

Most of her favorite memories involve pom poms and Nikes. She still has some of the same friends from cheering in elementary school. (She means you, Monica and Tiffany Palumbo… and their mom/coach Miss Joanna.) Game days were fun. Sometimes riding home with friends was even more fun. There were many trips to McDonalds (pre-Team No Sugar, of course).

I love this part. Mama Mack, who you know if you watch our Bounce show, was the weather conscious one. Poor Brigida had to wear sweats and turtlenecks (as you can see in the pics) under her uniform on cold days. (I still detect some hostility on that point)
Today, she's still a cheerleader to anyone wanting to get healthier or lose weight. She makes you believe you can succeed. (She even made me believe I could succeed at making a cauliflower pizza crust. I could not.)

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