Weather will impact your work week, Panthers remain undefeated

The Carolinas seeing something we haven't seen in a couple weeks. Rain is moving in today and it's going to have an even bigger impact later this week. We'll have the latest starting First at 4.

Lots of folks a little sleepy today, but awfully excited. They stayed up late to see the Carolina Panthers win their 10th straight regular season game last night. The Panthers knocked off the Philadelphia Eagles to remain unbeaten to the start 2105-16 season. We'll hear from Coach Ron Rivera.

We woke up this morning to a Charlotte business shocker. Duke Energy wants to buy Piedmont Natural Gas. What does it mean for customers and employees? WBTV's Pamela Escobar is looking closely at that today.

We're also getting new information on a local story getting national attention. Sheriff's deputies find a home they say was packed with 7,000 to 10,000 stolen guns. Michael Clark is working on the story.

More than 200 drug felons will soon be released here in North Carolina. It's all part of a change in sentencing guidelines. Does this make sense? Are there risks? Our Sharon Smith will break down the pros and cons tonight.

And our Kristen Miranda sits down with the South Carolina mayor thrust in the national spotlight in the most horrific way possible. Joe Riley will be stepping down as mayor of Charleston just a few months removed from Emanuel AME heartbreak. You'll hear from him tonight.

A lot to get to on this Monday, we'll see you starting on WBTV News First at 4:00.

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