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Cabarrus County kids to honor a local mayor fighting breast cancer for 4th time


We tell lots of stories of amazing people fighting breast cancer - this local mayor is fighting it now a FOURTH time.

A school in Cabarrus County is going to honor the town of Midland's mayor, Kathy Kitts, on October 22nd in its annual "Pink Out" Day.

Mayor Kitts has quite a story:

  • First diagnosed in 2011.  No family history.
  • She had chemo, radiation and was declared all clear.
  • Diagnosed the 2nd time in July 2012.  Had a double mastectomy and chemo.
  • While in treatments, breast cancer returned in a lymph node in her chest.
  • She had radical surgery to remove all that tissue, then more radiation and chemo-by-pills.
  • The radiation caused 2nd degree burns. 
  • Kathy finally wrapped things up in January, 2014.  

All good until last month. A CT scan showed one lymph node had grown.

Kathy had surgery to remove that lymph node and the tissue around it. She's currently deciding on possible treatments and what direction to take.

"The words 'breast cancer' have stolen my family's comfort," Kathy said. "I have had to tell my husband, children, family, and friends too many times the cancer is back.  It has dominated our lives for 4 years."

On Thursday, Bethel Elementary School in Midland is having Mayor Kitts as their guest of honor.  Starts when students arrive -- dressed in pink to show support -- at 7:45am.

"With everyone support, I will beat this a 4th time," Kathy said. "I am grateful for all the love." 

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