Warrant: Woman's ex posted nude photos online to 'hurt and embarrass her'

Warrant: Woman's ex posted nude photos online to 'hurt and embarrass her'

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A woman is looking for help from police after she says her ex-boyfriend posted nude photos of her online after the pair had broken up, photos she says he took without her knowledge.

According to search warrants filed in Mecklenburg County Tuesday, an investigation began when the woman approached police in Huntersville in early May.

The woman, whose name we are not releasing, told police the pair broke up in 2014. A co-worker told her in August 2014 that photos of her, nude and partial nude, were posted on the website Tumblr.

She logged onto the site and found the photos. She told police the photos were taken without her knowledge and posted online without consent.

The woman told police that she approached her ex-boyfriend in December about the photos. Charges have not been filed in the case, so WBTV is not revealing the man's name.

She told police that her ex said he wanted to "hurt and embarrass her," saying that she broke her promise to him and "she will pay."

Four months later, the woman says her daughter found more photos of her on Tumblr while doing a search for the city they live in. They were located on the same account where the woman's co-workers found the photos.

According to court documents, the woman attempted to take out a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend but the order was dismissed in court in May 2015.

The woman says she later found more photos under a different account on the site. She contacted Tumblr and asked for the photos to be removed from the site.

In July, officers executed a search warrant on Tumblr for information associated with the account and were able to obtain the IP address used to access it.

Police later executed a search warrant on Time Warner Cable to get information about the person who is associated with the IP address. The court document does not give what specific information was obtained by investigators.

WBTV is working with investigators to see if charges are planned to be filed in the case.

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