Middle school stomps out bullying

Middle school stomps out bullying

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Orange is the color to wear on Wednesday at Ridge Road Middle School. It's Make It Orange, Make It End, Stomp Out Bullying Walk.

The color represents put an end to bullying. Students are wearing the color on National Unity Day. They will walk the community to tell others bullying is not good.

This event has been happening at the school for the past several years. Administrators claim their efforts are working.

"Our students tell us," Ridge Road MS Counselor Aiesha Huitt said. "Our students feel comfortable enough coming to us letting us know if they are being bullied. They let us know if a classmate is being bullied, so they let us know if our efforts are being done correctly."

Besides the walk, Ridge Road MS had events all week to remind students about how the school has a zero tolerance for bullying. Students sat with other students they didn't know to get to know them better.

Students also signed a pledge not to bully others and not use drugs.

Laih Garland is an 8th grader. She remembers when she was in the 5th grade she was bullied. It went on for about a month before it stopped.

"It made me feel bad," Garland said. "And at some points I didn't want to come to school because it was not worth it."

The student now knows the importance of standing up for others and has a message for students who think it's alright to pick on others.

"Bullying is not a good thing to do," the student said. "Because you wouldn't want that to be done to you."

According to website Stopbullying.gov, 28% of US students in 6-12 experience bullying and 30% of young people admit to bullying others.

Other Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools are now reaching out to Ridge Road MS to see programs the school has implemented.

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