BLOG: Act like you've been there before!

BLOG: Act like you've been there before!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I know football at all levels is fun and games for the fans, and they love to be entertained. But some of these players are going a little too far with these touchdown celebrations.

There have been some recent players in college and the pros who have been injured while celebrating, most of the time jumping into the air and landing awkwardly on the ground. Torn ACL, injured ankle, broken foot just to name a few.

But this weekend I saw a couple of NFL players simply dive into the endzone when nobody was even in front of them. They just simply flipped into the promised land with reckless abandon for their body and for no apparent reason other than to thrill  the fans.

To be quite honest with you, if I were one of their family members I would have a fit. As we've already seen, one bad landing could end a season or career.

So I say to some of these guys, you better stop tempting fate or as some football coaches say: Act like you've been there before!