Molly's Kids: Salisbury teen fighting cancer 3rd time, celebrates his 19th birthday!

Molly's Kids: Salisbury teen fighting cancer 3rd time, celebrates his 19th birthday!

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Robert Stephen Gilmore celebrated turning 19 yesterday in Salisbury.

"15-year-survivor," his mom, Wendy, said. "I just want to keep saying it. Fifteen years."

Robert was diagnosed in May with aggressive cancer for a third time. Couple weeks later he was named Prom King at Salisbury High School (North Carolina).

He originally beat brain cancer as a 3-year-old. He beat colon cancer as a 15-year-old. In May he found out the colon cancer was back.

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Robert continues to fight his recurrence of colon cancer despite daily health issues. He's doing it all. Wendy is wildly proud. She says her son is getting treatments, going to school and -- I love this -- managing Salisbury HS's football teams on Thursday and Friday nights.

"It's not easy, but he's amazing," said Wendy. "Fifteen year survivor, I'll say it yet again, and still fighting."

After a week of chemo this week, Robert will also serve as honorary captain at North Carolina Central University's football game this coming Saturday.

Wendy, says she, Robert and his younger sister Sydney continue to be deeply faithful and feel encouraged.

For his birthday yesterday, Wendy made a digital scrapbook to celebrate her son's life. She was fine with me sharing it... what mom wouldn't want the world to see 19 years of her son beating the odds?

Flipagram "digital scrapbook" here >>

Beautiful book, Wendy.

Happy Birthday, Robert!

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