Get your truck ready to tow with Toyota service!

Get your truck ready to tow with Toyota service!
Do you know how to properly tow with your vehicle? It may look easy but you’ve got to get your truck or SUV ready before you hit the road. To have a vehicle properly prepped, you have to have the right equipment as well as a vehicle running at its best. Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help get you and your vehicle ready to tow. Use these tips from our Toyota Service Center to get your truck or SUV in tiptop towing shape!

Get your vehicle equipped with our Toyota Parts Department in Charlotte!

First and foremost, you must ensure your truck or SUV is going to be able to tow your load safely and without being damaged. Don’t forget to consult your owner’s manual to see the towing capacity of your vehicle. It is dangerous to tow items heavier than the allotted amount your vehicle can handle. Once you’re sure your vehicle can safely tow your camper, trailer or rig –make sure it’s equipped for it. Do not just use ropes or chains connected to the bumper or underneath of your vehicle as you could cause major damage. Instead, gear up with your truck or SUV with a tow hitch and receiver, tow bar and the proper wiring for brake lights and turn indicators.
If you’re shopping at our Charlotte Toyota Parts Department for towing supplies, you may want to invest in towing mirrors while you’re there! Towing mirrors come in handy when you’re towing an item that is very wide, sometimes wider than your vehicle. With towing mirrors you can expand your field of vision and make driving safer for you, your load and other drivers on the road.

Our Toyota Service Center can help for a smoother tow!

Not only does your vehicle need to be ready with parts, but it needs to be ready with Toyota service. Our Charlotte auto service technicians can help get your truck or SUV ready under the hood and under the wheel wells.
  • Have the oil changed in your vehicle at our Toyota Service Center. Our Charlotte auto service techs suggest having a routine oil change before towing because towing asks a lot of your vehicle’s engine. To perform at its best, your engine needs clean, fresh oil.
  • Our Toyota service technicians can check your headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn indicators. It’s important that you have blown fuses or burned out bulbs replaced before you begin towing.
  • Always have your tire pressure checked when you bring your vehicle to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center to ensure your tires are not too inflated, or not inflated enough. Proper inflation is crucial to maintaining your auto tires so they wear evenly.
Don’t subject your vehicle to the task of towing if it’s not ready. Let our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte get it ready to tow like a pro with routine car maintenance and a little help from our Toyota Parts Center. We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd., just off of I-77 at exit 23!