Killed while gardening

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom. 

She was 74 and gardening with her husband.  In an instant, a car was skating across her front lawn and headed straight toward couple.  She pushed her husband out of the way.  And got hit.  Tonight, we’re hearing from neighbors about Evelyn Tarlton, killed by a driver who somehow lost control.

There is a controversial bill is sitting on Governor Pat McCrory's desk tonight.  The bill would do away with so-called sanctuary cities in North Carolina after well-publicized violent acts committed by undocumented criminals in other states.  Some critics fear it will lead a police crackdown and a group of Hispanics say they are going on a hunger strike until the governor vetoes the bill.

And in my exclusive Crime Stoppers report, it’s unusual when 6 people stage a break-in.  It’s even more rare when one of the six is a woman.  CMPD says it has to be a gang crime.  You’ll see the surveillance as they break through the glass at a cell phone store.

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