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'Pop-up' fundraiser for 'Go Jen Go' this Sunday: Football, kids and a party


Now here's an idea: Have a last-minute "pop up" party. Call it a fundraiser. Make it casual. Cool. Simple. Organize to meet at a laidback spot, invite kids to keep it easy. Do it on a Sunday so you can watch football. Set the ticket price at a reasonable amount so lots of people can come.


Just heard Go Jen Go! is doing this, this Sunday. I love GJG, what they stand for and the women they help. Wanted to spread the word.

This is the foundation Jen Pagani established with her husband, Joe, before she died of breast cancer in 2014. Jen knew cancer wasn't cheap. She and Joe lived that. She wanted her legacy to be able to help others in the Charlotte-area who are still fighting.

So, Sunday is now "OktoberBreast". You're invited.

Details >> The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. October 18th. 3pm-6pm. Watch the Carolina Panthers take on the Seattle Seahawks. Silent auction, raffle, food, drink, etc. Tickets $25 for adults. 

Go to >> http://gojengo.org/oktoberbreast

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