WBTV Secrets: Tonya Rivens on The Price is Right


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Now HERE's a cool secret! Tonya Rivens was on The Price is Right!

She was determined to get there. Why? She felt like she could win! She did a lot of grocery shopping. #smartshopper That meant trying 3 times to be selected! She worked for Piedmont Airlines/US Airways at the time – so she would fly to LA on her days off to try out. She did that 3 weeks in a row! You only have a few seconds to impress the producers so it's hard to know what to do on the first try.  She took her husband. The next week, she took her mom. The 3rd week, it was her brother and sister's turn. By the 3rd try, she told them that she "would bring back her entire family until she was put on stage"!

They put her on!

She played a card game… and won.

She got to spin that big wheel… and she won.

She made it to the Showcase Showdown. She said she needed water but didn't want to ask. She wasn't wearing her glasses because didn't want to wear them on TV – but that meant she couldn't see her brother and sister, trying to help her with the bid

It was ok though. She had a strategy. Always bid on the 2nd showcase – because it's usually better. She saw the 1st showcase. It had a van. All she saw were dollar signs. She could sell the van and use the money. But here was her problem. "I never priced a van before!" She saw the 2nd showcase and sure enough, it had everything they needed since they were building a house. There was a television, carpet, furniture… (No juke box. I asked. I always love it when there's a juke box in the mix! Who doesn't need one of those?)

Well, she ended up not winning either showcase. She was so mad at herself! She said she got greedy and abandoned her plan.

All these years later and she's still beating herself up. She actually tells this story when she talks to kids. Stick to your plan and don't get greedy.

I think she's taken that to heart. She's one of the least greedy people I've ever met! She offers to share her peanut M&Ms all the time. ? Really though, I love it when people can see where they went wrong and are determined to never make the mistake again. I'm pretty sure she never will…

If you want to see the video of Tonya on The Price is Right, she posted it on her Facebook page. If you love secrets like I do, follow me on Facebook!

PS: Eric Thomas used his expertise (his word – not mine) to bring you that video.

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