Must-have security features in iOS9

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - iPhone and iPad users have had some time now to decide whether to upgrade to the new operating system iOS9.

Some bugs have been worked out and WBTV Cyber Expert, and CEO of Fortalice, Theresa Payton says she's very excited about the privacy and security options.

Almost all of these features can be found on your device under the "settings" function.  Payton shares her thoughts and advice below:

New Security Features


Set a longer (and stronger) six-digit passcode

You can lock & encrypt your entire iPhone or iPad storage with a 6 digit passcode under Settings.

Set up the Settings, General, Auto Lock to a shorter time.

2. Privacy Please!

Don't let apps track you or vacuum up your contacts, email, calendar, and your photos without your knowledge. When an app wants your data, either for processing or uploading, it will tell you the first time.

You can change each app's access by going to Settings > Privacy and select each app, and choosing what you share, by app

For full privacy, when you get a pop up asking for access to your location, choose "Don't Allow".

One more feature blocks some advertisers and marketers from tracking you!  While in the Settings > Privacy > section of your phone, go to  Advertising and enable the Limit Ad Tracking option.

3.  Expire messages

Remember delete isn't delete but this can be a handy feature

You can set up voice and video iMessages to expire over time

Go back to Settings and look at the Messages, Keep Messages functions to set up expiration dates

4. Locked screen means locked screen - not a peephole

You can prevent messages & emails from showing up on your locked phone screen

Go back to Settings and choose Notifications, Messages, Mail, and iMessages and set up the Preview Style.  You can disable the "Show Previews" & messages will no longer display on your locked screen.

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