Kindergarten class collects teddy bears for youngest SC flood victims

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The idea is as noble as it is simple; the kids affected by the flooding in the midlands of South Carolina might be sad and in need of a little cheer.

"We'll give them to the kids of South Carolina so they can't be scared," said 5-year-old Jayden.

The project, which began in Ms. Calderon's Kindergarten class at Newell Elementary, started when Jayden was talking with his classmates about his grandmother who's a victim of the flooding.

"He was telling a classmate that he wanted to go see his grandma but couldn't get to her because the roads were washed away," teacher Natasha Calderon said.

Calderon asked her class what they could do to help.

"They started out with, they wanted to move the water, they wanted to build houses," she said. "I asked them what could we do right now."

The class came up with an idea to collect new or gently used teddy bears to distribute to the youngest victims of the flooding, "to keep them from being scared."

It's the idea that the simple gesture of providing a teddy bear or stuffed animal to hug or sleep with, might help the kids who lost their own toys and stuffed animals.

When asked how those kids might be feeling right now after the floods, 5-year-old Chloe said," Sad and lonely."

But maybe not for long. With the gesture, the class hopes to collect and distribute dozens of huggable bears and stuffed animals for the kids that need them the most.

They are collecting new and gently used stuffed animals at Newell Elementary School in north Charlotte.

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