What a new House Speaker could mean for your representative

What a new House Speaker could mean for your representative

(WBTV) - There is uncertainty in Washington, as Republicans try to select a new Speaker of the House after current Speaker, John Boehner, announced his surprising resignation two weeks ago.

Frontrunner, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, considered the heir apparent, then d ropped out of the race.

The turmoil comes as congress faces the threat of a government shutdown. This is turmoil for the Republicans because the man they think could bring them together, Paul Ryan, has said he doesn't want the job.

This all might seem like inside the beltway discussions, but a Congressman representing Rock Hill says it affects all of us. And one Democrat, Christian Cano, says the Republicans have their hands full.

Democrat Christian Cano announced on Columbus Day, he wants current Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger's seat.

"Just as a citizen it's concerning that we've given them the house and we've given them the Senate and they can't pass a budget and then they want us to give them the presidency," Cano said, "I know Congressman Pittenger was a huge supporter of the house speaker. I attended every single town hall meeting over the last two years.  So I know the push back he's gotten from the extreme members of his party."

Before Pittenger left Charlotte Douglas International to go to China as the leader of Congressional delegation to talk about cyber terrorism, he explained change will come to the House.

"They've been very good to me.  I've had enormous leadership and responsibilities since becoming a member of Congress," Pittenger said, "Boehner led in his own way. I think we're going through a transition in our house where we going to have a more bottom up approach in governing not so much top down.  We will elect a leader who will provide that kind of leadership for us."

A group leading that argument is the House Freedom Caucus.  Congressman Mick Mulvaney representing South Carolina has been explaining their concerns. He was on Face the Nation, Sunday.  He told WBTV why he wants the new leader to change the rules.

"I tell people one of the reasons so many folks feel like Washington doesn't represent them is because it doesn't," Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney wants everyone to have a voice and doesn't believe power should be concentrated in the party's leadership.

"I was not even allowed to bring that amendment to the floor for a vote in part because my own leadership said they didn't want to offer the amendment because it would pass, which is just absurd," Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney says his district including Rock Hill lost that day, but he's hopeful.

"If we do it right and we get the right person, more importantly committed to the right kind of changes I think Congress can improve dramatically in the very near future," Mulvaney said.

He says his caucus wants a process not a person. Mulvaney has been endorsing Dan Webster of Florida who did change the rules in the statehouse while he was there. But he says if Paul Ryan agreed to change the rules he believes Ryan could become Speaker of the House.

John Boehner has said he wants to leave by the end of October, but he will stay put for now while house members select a replacement.

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